Transition to electronic diaries complete.


Today, Westwater Advocates discarded its paper diaries in a move which signalled the completion of the stable’s transition to electronic diaries for all counsel.

After a prolonged period during which the long-established paper diaries system ran in tandem with electronic diaries, the paper diaries were discarded.

Stable Director, Nick Ellis QC said, “Today is an historic day for Westwater Advocates. Now all our counsel can access all their professional commitments electronically. In this way we can maximise the efficiency with which we meet the needs of our service users and our ultimate clients.”

Principal Clerk Sheila Westwater added, “Chistina, Gavin and I are delighted that all our members are fully signed up to the electronic diary system. Paper diaries were useful in their time, but the demands of the current times are such that we need the flexibility and accessibility that our digital age solution provides.”