A Warm Welcome to Amy Donachie and David Adams


Amy J Donachie and David Adams join Westwater Advocates today when they call to the Bar.

Clerk Sheila Westwater said “Today is a milestone in Amy and David’s careers and we extend a warm welcome to them both today. They each bring with them a wealth of litigation experience and a commitment to excellence which we are confident with help them both to establish successful practices at Westwater Advocates. We look forward to working with them!”

Amy and David have been guided through their time as devils by devilmasters from within the stable. Ruth Innes, Amy’s principal devilmaster said “Amy has excellent court room experience in family cases and her arrival will enhance the stable’s ability to provide representation in this field.”

David’s devilmaster Bryan Heaney said “I’ve enjoyed working with David.  He has a keen eye for the practical side of litigation. I’ve been impressed by the range and depth of his knowledge and his ability to work quickly and accurately even in fields that are new to him.”

Amy DonachieDavid Adams