Former member of Westwater Advocates Dr Joe Morrow Installed as the Lord Lyon King of Arms

janemorrison News

Dr Joe Morrow, Advocate, a former member of Westwater Advocates, was installed as the Lord Lyon King of Arms before the First Division in a colourful ceremony. Dr Morrow processed into court to take the Oaths of Office flanked by the Heralds, including Sir Crispin Agnew, Rothesay Herald of Arms, a present member of the stable. The Lord Lyon is one of the Great Officers of State whose origins trace back to the High Sennachie of the early Kings of Scotland. The Lord Lyon exercises the Royal Prerogative to grant Coats of Arms to virtuous and well deserving persons. He is also the judge in the Court of the Lord Lyon, determining claims to peerages and other dignities, clan chiefship and to coats of arms. Sir Crispin, as a herald, has a specialist practice in peerage and heraldic law and has regularly appeared for claimants in the Court of the Lord Lyon.