Sheila Westwater celebrates 30 years with Faculty Services Limited


Sheila Westwater today marks the outstanding achievement of 30 years with the Faculty of Advocates’ service company Faculty Services Ltd. She began her Faculty career in 1986 as a Deputy Clerk in the stables of Alan Robertson and Christine Ferguson before she was appointed Clerk of her own stable in January 1991.  As a mark of their high regard for her, the members of the stable unanimously voted to keep the Westwater name in 2007 when stables became devolved and some were adopting more unconventional brands.

Stable Director Calum MacNeill QC said, “Congratulations to Sheila. The wealth of knowledge and experience Sheila has built up over her career is immeasurable. It has been my good fortune, and that of many others, to have been the beneficiary of her wisdom and good humour for so many years.”

The combined length of service for the clerking team at Westwater Advocates is now 68 years. Christina Ballantyne, Sheila’s deputy clerk for the last fifteen years who herself recently completed 30 years with Faculty Services, added, “Congratulations, Sheila, from Jane and me on reaching this milestone. We’re lucky we’ve got each other!”