Westwater Advocates’ Christina Ballantyne Celebrates 35 Years with Faculty Services Limited


Today Christina Ballantyne marks the outstanding achievement of 35 years with the Faculty of Advocates’ service company Faculty Services Ltd. Christina began her career with a two-month spell in the mailroom before she was quickly promoted to the accounts team, where she assumed responsibility for civil accounts. For the last seventeen years Christina has been an integral part of Westwater Advocates working as Sheila’s Deputy Clerk.

Sheila Westwater said, “Christina’s cheerful disposition and unwavering loyalty and commitment both to me and to the stable are a constant source of inspiration and reassurance.”

Stable Director Calum MacNeill QC added, “At Westwater Advocates we pride ourselves on delivering service excellence. Christina has played a major part in our success in that for many years, and I hope she will continue to do so for many more. It has been my pleasure to work with her for such a long time and her total of 35 years’ service is eloquent testimony to her conscientiousness and, dare I say, just how much she enjoys her job working with Sheila and Jane.”

The combined length of service for the clerking team at Westwater Advocates is now 74 years!