Westwater Advocates is proudly sponsoring the Dundee University Mooting Society final round competition.

This year the final of the internal competition is taking place on 30th March at 4.30pm within Court 1 at Dundee Sheriff Court.  The final will be presided over by Sheriff Paul Brown.

The internal competition has seen students complete in various moots in the first rounds, second rounds, and semi-finals.  There are four students taking part in the final on Thursday.

The problem for the final moot stems from a criminal case.  The students are to present legal arguments in an appeal against conviction.  The problem focusses on a wife who was charged with murdering her husband.  However, she was convicted of culpable homicide on the basis that her intention to poison her husband was not the cause of his death.  The wife planned to poison her husband at a future date.  On the day of his death, she made him a cup of tea.  She put, what she thought was, a sweetener tablet in his cup but it was in fact aspirin.  The husband was allergic to aspirin.  The aspirin killed the husband.  The wife was convicted.  The mooters will adopt the roles of Senior and Junior Counsel for the Crown and the Senior and Junior Counsel for the Appellant.