Appointment of Gillian Wade as Head of the National Sexual Crimes Unit (NSCU)


The Lord Advocate, The Right Honourable Frank Mulholland QC, has appointed Senior Advocate Depute Gillian Wade as the new head of the National Sexual Crimes Unit (NSCU).

The NSCU team comprises specialist Crown Counsel who investigate and prosecute Scotland’s most serious sex crimes including rape, sexual abuse, images of child sexual abuse, sexually motivated murder and people trafficking for sexual exploitation. The team directs criminal investigations from the earliest stages, providing invaluable guidance to the Procurator Fiscal as they prepare to bring prosecutions to court.

Gillian has been a member of NSCU since its inception in June 2009. She became deputy head to Derek Ogg QC in the following year and was personally recommended for her new position by her predecessor.

Gillian Wade said “I and my specialist team of prosecutors will continue to build on Derek Ogg’s groundbreaking work in this area.

“We are committed to investigating, preparing and prosecuting these crimes fairly, sensitively and professionally and will work towards improving support for the victims whose evidence is so crucial in these cases.

“Our continuing challenge will be to innovate ways to find and preserve the incriminating evidence that will convince juries and provide safe convictions in the way that Scotland deserves.”

Congratulations Gillian from Westwater Advocates!